Utility-Scale Solar Innovation

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The Labor Challenge

Utility-scale solar is at the nexus of a global multi-trillion dollar sustainable energy supercycle. Estimates have green sourced utility, hydrogen, and ammonia at several terawatts over the next couple decades. There is incredible promise.

At present, installation of utility-scale solar is essentially manual. This approach has trapped the industry into an execution model with acute labor availability concerns, large labor risk premiums, schedule uncertainty, elevated industrial safety concerns, and an assortment of quality questions.

This approach is the Achilles heel for scaling energy infrastructure.

Fields of Glass

Gridworks Technology is a transformational company that addresses the labor-intensive installing piles, trackers, modules, and wire harnesses. All components in the Field of Glass, up to the inverters, are installed with a proprietary automation system.

The Gridworks mission is to create a step change in utility-scale solar installation cost, speed, and labor intensity.

This scalable solution obsoletes the stick-built construction era and ushers in the production era. Gridworks Technology benefits every aspect of installation with an improvement to LCOE through reduced project cost, reduced IDC via faster delivery, and reproducible quality among other advantages. With Gridworks' advances in installation, utility-scale solar can rise to lead global acceleration into decarbonization

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